TUNE OF THE WEEK: Nick Brewer – Ronaldo

If you were around long enough you would know how great the Brazilian Ronaldo was back in the 90s and 00s. He was one of the greatest strikers to ever kick a football, but is no longer in the limelight and London rapper, Nick Brewer wants to know where he is now on his new tune “Ronaldo”.

Well the answer is that he is currently the majority owner of  the La Liga football club, Real Valladolid, so you can argue he is doing pretty well for himself.

The tune is an ode to the Ronaldo that reminds us of how great he was, as well as reminding us about Nick Brewer’s great flow and bars, which Nick wants to use to form a career as impactful as Ronaldo’s by stating:

“Brazil’s Ronaldo is a legend. Watching him rip up numerous world cups while I was growing up is something I will never forget, and this song is a way of paying homage to him, while also making a statement about myself and how I aspire to have a similar impact in the music world.” 

Press play and enjoy!

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