IN or OUT: Mozez – Run River

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Author’s Note: In this new format “IN or OUT”, we take the current tracks of today and run them through the team at Music Umpire to see whether we collectively agree if its “IN” or “OUT”. This post will be one of many for Music Umpire.

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Since 2005, Mozez has built a solid following as a solo artist and producer, touring and recording with his own band. The former vocalist for renowned downtempo band Zero 7 and Nightmares On Wax, recently launched his own record company Numen Records, and he is producing a stable of new artists for the label. His works have been used for soundtracks to various films such as Running For Time and CSI Miami. His new album Wings is set to be out on 6th November 2015 and from listening to his new single “Run River” it seems like it will be a very good listen.

However, before his album drops, we have decided to see what our Music Umpires think of Mozez’s current single “Run River”.

Will they decide if Mozez’s “Run River” is IN or OUT:

KRISH: I think it’s caught in the middle of being a good, chill, melody propelled track/ and then a good, catchy dance track – it straddles the balance between both options, but doesn’t really fall into either at first. Having said that, I think after a few listens, it’s clear it doesn’t need to be aggressively on either side, and fits in the middle really well. – IN

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MICHAEL: Love the energy of the track, it’s got an infectious groove and definitely something I can see myself listening to on a sunny day or at the beach, even though it’s about a river. haha – IN

DAVINA: Had me swaying like it was a sunny day. The beat really compliments the song which seems to be very reminiscent about his time at a river. lol – IN

OJ:  Does this guy think we are in the damn 90s?? GTFO lol. That was dull, the vocals where full of air, and the beat sounded extremely dated. – OUT

STEFAN: As much as I enjoy this sound of music, I have to say its a bit outdated. nothing new or innovative. – OUT

VERDICT: MusicUmpire team have had their say and even though some have strong words of dislike towards the song, the majority think Mozez is on to a winner and have voted “Run River” is IN.


Let us know what you think of Mozez – “Run River” in the comments below!

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